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Artwork Commissions

Custom Modern Printmaking Artwork With Jomac

Jomac uniquely combines traditional techniques of printmaking and relief printing with a visual dynamic that is rooted in contemporary art and updated themes. Creating intriguing layers of patterns, designs, colors, and textures that evoke dynamic moods and lyrical meaning. Subtle and graphically fine elements, such as line and mass, are juxtaposed to inspire energies of balance and harmony. He loves the lines and angles of man-made structures, along with the contrast those rigid shapes present to the curves and shapes we see in nature. Coastal environments and the ocean feature prominently in his creations.

Jomac deploys printmaking as the foundation for its compositions, specializing in indigenous designs and imagery created using handmade woodblock prints and woodcut patterns. The studio’s versatile works evoke the aesthetics of several distinct design periods, including Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Bauhaus School, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Pop Art, Postmodernism and more. Contact Jomac today to schedule your design consultation and discuss your unique artistic needs.

Modern Contemporary Artwork Commission Process:

  • Establish the parameters for the creation of the artwork.
  • Discussion of the visual characteristics desired and the emotional and spiritual content.
  • Determine the physical scale and other parameters of the artwork.
  • Establish a preliminary timeline for completion.
  • Studio Jomac will create rough sketched/layouts, designs, and selection of color palette.
  • Once approved Jomac will produce the final artwork.

Note: a certain degree of Artist License must be allowed for the final artwork with some slight deviations from the rough layouts. Artwork and copyright ownership are vested in the hands of the artist unless agreed to in writing. Artwork cannot be duplicated or reproduced without consent from Studio Jomac.

An initial consultation fee is required. Once the agreement has been approved, a timeline will be provided that will include dates for the following:

  • Rough artwork (layouts) and color palette.
  • Alterations (if necessary) – Limited to 2 rounds
  • Completed artwork provided to the client.

*Jomac can provide for installation or installation consultation.

Payment Schedule (separate invoice to be provided by Jomac):

  • 1/3 agreement approval
  • 1/3 completion of rough layouts
  • 1/3 completion of artwork for fabrication
  • Projects will include any required taxes

Please complete the following form to contact the studio directly to request a design consultation or to commission custom work.

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Island Sail | Interior Design Mockup | Studio Jomac | Modern Contemporary Printmaking Art Gallery | Honolulu Hawaii
Waypoints Pattern black | Studio Jomac | Modern Contemporary Printmaking Art Gallery | Honolulu Hawaii