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Jomac is an intimate studio in the beautifully updated Queens Court Building in downtown Honolulu, adjacent to the Honolulu Harbor and with elevated views overlooking the water and city. The studio offers close collaboration with curators, designers, architects and clients throughout the process of professional consultation, including budgeting, selection of artwork, placement, custom framing, and installation.

The studio and its collection of works are open by appointment for private showings to art collectors, interior designers, corporate clients, and others. Clients and visitors can see first-hand works in a variety of styles – Abstract, Conceptual, Realistic/Representational – and inspired by several distinct design periods, including Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Bauhaus School, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Pop Art, Postmodernism and more.

Professional consultation and support is available to the full range of fine art clients, from first-time buyers beginning their journey, to established collectors with specific goals in mind, to museums and galleries adding to ever-evolving collections. This is a unique opportunity to view works before they are sent to galleries.

High-value residences benefit from collections that inspire harmony in the home and its surroundings, complementing architectural elements without dominating them. The studio specializes in curating entire collections unified by theme, purpose or aesthetic, ideal for integrating architecture, interior design, and art into a singular work of consistent and surpassing beauty.

Consultation services for corporate clients provide a unique opportunity to build or enhance a collection that is consequential and evokes the identity, spirit, values and/or aesthetic of a defined corporate space. Artwork and environmental graphics can be proposed that define a visual identity and communicate narrative elements of a corporate story or culture.

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Jomac Gallery

Purchase unique and award-winning artwork inspired by tribal and indigenous patterns, featuring designs sought after by private and institutional collectors.

Outdoor Photo of the Studio | Studio Jomac | Modern Contemporary Printmaking Art Gallery | Honolulu Hawaii
Waypoints Pattern black | Studio Jomac | Modern Contemporary Printmaking Art Gallery | Honolulu Hawaii